DIY Pinata

DIY Pinata | Pattern . Paint . PanYesterday was my oldest nephew’s 8th birthday, they were here in Cornwall on holiday and my sister had mentioned how he’d like a pinata, so to avoid packing for my very imminent house move I decided to DIY one. Lots of tutorials use paper mache, but that seemed like too much mess, so I went with cardboard and tape. Lots of tape.

You will need:

  • cardboard – I used 2 cereal boxes
  • sticky tape – I used brown packing tape for the construction and regular tape to attach the tissue paper
  • scissors
  • string, yarn or ribbon – length depends on where you’re hanging it, but a finished length of 2-3m-ish. Mine was 6 x 3m lengths of yarn.
  • sweets/chocolate – preferably things that can’t get crushed. I didn’t think about that and the chocolate bars and chewy bars were a bit squashed/broken, whereas the jelly sweets were fine.

What to do:

  1. Cut the narrow sides of the cereal boxes off the front and back pieces of the box.
  2. Overlap these narrow strips and tape together to make one long strip. This will become the sides of the pinata.
  3. Using a front piece of a box, draw the shape for the front/back of your pinata. Cut out 4 pieces.
  4. Using the packing tape, stick 2 of the front/back pieces together and repeat for the remaining 2 pieces.DIY Pinata | Pattern . Paint . Pan
  5. Using the packing tape, stick the long cardboard strip to one of the front/back pieces. Leave a gap so you can fill the pinata later.
  6. Repeat to add the other front/back piece to the pinata, again leaving a gap.DIY Pinata | Pattern . Paint . Pan
  7. Fill your pinata with the sweets/chocolate.
  8. Tape the gap shut.
  9. Make your hanging string: double/treble/quadruple or more your yarn/string, and tie a knot at each end to keep the strands together.
  10. Find the centre of your yarn/string, and tape this to the bottom of your pinata. Add more tape on either side. I stopped taping at the widest part of the top.DIY Pinata | Pattern . Paint . Pan
  11. Cut your tissue paper into5cm strips and cut fronds into each strip.
  12. Tape a rectangle of tissue paper to the bottom of the pinata.DIY Pinata | Pattern . Paint . Pan
  13. Add the frond strips around the pinata using regular sticky tape from the bottom up, overlapping by 3-4cm. I put tiny bits of tape at each corner and in the middle of the front & back pieces.
  14. Cut the fronds shorter just above where the string is.
  15. Hang, bash and eat!DIY Pinata | Pattern . Paint . Pan

I was a bit worried that my pinata would explode after a couple of hits, but it lasted for over 15 minutes of kid-hitting before the grown-ups gave it a couple of whacks to help the splitting. We did use a foam-type bat though, so using a wooden one would speed things up.


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