Me Made May 2015: Days 11 – 31

Why doesn’t WordPress have an autosave function? Why don’t I save draft posts while I write them? Why does my laptop never crash when all I’m doing is binge watching Revenge? Anyway, last weekend’s MMM15 post disappeared with a blue screen of doom, so now there is one mammoth update for the rest of May.

Day 11 - 12 | Pattern . Paint . PanDay 11: Viscose dress (pre-blog)
Pattern: Self drafted
Fabric: Black, blue & yellow floral viscose
Sewn: Spring 2014

Day 12: Lace contrast yoke top (unblogged)
Pattern: Rub off from RTW top
Fabric: Aqua jersey and cream stretch lace
Sewn: April 2015

Day 13 - 14 | Pattern . Paint . PanDay 13: Denim skirt (pre-blog)
Pattern: Self drafted
Fabric: Denim
Sewn: Spring 2014

Day 14: Contrast yoke, wrap back top (unblogged)
Pattern: Hacked from RTW rub off
Fabric: Upcycled black jersey & zebra print jersey from Ebay
Sewn: April 2015

Day 15 - 16 | Pattern . Paint . PanDay 15: Floral shirt dress (pre-blog)
Pattern: Vintage
Fabric: Floral viscose & purple viscose lining
Sewn: Spring 2014

Day 16: Shirt dress (unblogged)
Fabric: Upcycled men’s shirt
Sewn: January 2015

Day 17 - 18 | Pattern . Paint . PanDay 17: Repeated Lady Skater from Day 5 (pre-blog)

Day 18: Contrast yoke, faux back button placket top (pre-blog)
Pattern: Self drafted
Fabric: Black viscose, black linen, black & white floral chiffon
Sewn: Spring 2014

Day 19 - 20 | Pattern . Paint . PanDay 19: Denim skirt (unblogged)
Pattern: Self drafted
Fabric: Upcycled denim from unworn dress, white cotton lining
Sewn: May 2015

Day 20: Handbag (unblogged)
Pattern: Self drafted
Fabric: Mystery 50p/m green loose weave fabric, stash scraps of pleather, polycotton lining
Sewn: November 2014

Day 21 - 22 | Pattern . Paint . PanDay 21: Upcycled skirt (pre-blog)
Fabric: One of my mum’s old skirts
Sewn: Spring 2014

Day 22: Repeated jersey peplum from Day 1

Day 23 - 24 | Pattern . Paint . PanDay 23: Floral dress
Pattern: Hacked Simplicity 2444
Fabric: Floral viscose & plain poly crepe du chine lining
Sewn: June 2014

Day 24: Floral dress
Pattern: Hacked Simplicity 2444
Fabric: Floral polycotton
Sewn:August 2014

Day 25 - 26 | Pattern . Paint . PanDay 25: Underwear (unblogged)
Pattern: RTW rub off
Fabric: Cream stretch lace & jersey
Sewn: April 2015

Day 26: Repeated Ava from Day 2

Day 27 - 28 | Pattern . Paint . PanDay 27: Repeated floral peplum from Day 3

Day 28: Jersey dress (unblogged)
Pattern: Lady skater bodice & self drafted skirt
Fabric: Zebra print jersey & upcycled men’s t-shirt
Sewn: Summer 2014

Day 29 - 30 | Pattern . Paint . PanDay 29: Repeated lady skater from Day 4

Day 30: Upcycled white lace dress (pre-blog)
Fabric: My Nan’s wedding dress – I took a few inches off the skirt and lowered the armholes, and considering it’s nearly 60 years old and originally handmade, I think it’s in amazing condition and totally wearable today. I haven’t worn it many times, thinking it’s too precious and I should save it for special occasions, but that feels a bit silly now.
Sewn: 2012

Day 31 | Pattern . Paint . Pan

Day 31: Collared top (pre-blog)
Pattern: Self drafted
Fabric: Mystery silky, slightly textured fabric
Sewn: 2012/13

Phew. I’m kind of surprised I managed Me-Made every day with only one use each of the underwear/handbag cheat, and not too many repeats. I thought I’d be frantically sewing mid-month, but with work being busier and several projects for my nephew, I’ve only been working on one dress (still unfinished, grr) in the last half of the month. I think trousers and more work appropriate dresses should be on my sewing list; as much as I love my floral cotton dresses from last summer, they are mostly relegated to weekend wear now. Jersey is the new cotton, and solids/prints the new floral. Well, maybe.


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