Blackcurrant Gin Recipe

Blackcurrant Gin | Pattern . Paint . Pan Almost a month ago I bought a carton of blackcurrants at a farmers / craft market in Wadebridge, with no idea of what to do with them. After a bit of googling, I was momentarily torn between blackcurrant gin and blackcurrant biscuit slice, but it wasn’t too tough a decision. After a bit more research into different gin recipes, I found there was quite a lot of variation in the amount of sugar added, and seeing as I like sweet things, I chose one with lots of sugar! Blackcurrant Gin | Pattern . Paint . PanThe recipe couldn’t be simpler (1/3 fruit, 1/3 sugar, fill up with gin); the most time consuming step is pricking (stabbing) every currant, but of course, there are also many, many days of your bottle/jar sitting in a dark cupboard tempting you to drink it. My willpower didn’t last long, but I’ll try to pass it off on being intrigued as to how the flavour would change over time. After one week it still tasted quite strongly of alcohol (complete with face scrunching grimace), but by week 3 the fruit and sugar had masked that (delicious and dangerous!). Blackcurrant Gin | Pattern . Paint . PanIt’s very drinkable straight or topped off with lemonade for a grown up version of blackcurrant cordial/squash! I’ve been shoving it in front of anyone who comes near me and it’s been universally approved (or at least it has to my face!). I now have big plans to experiment with other fruits; this page has a lot of information as does this blog.Blackcurrant Gin | Pattern . Paint . Pan