Sea Shell Sphere

Sea shell sphere | Pattern . Paint . Pan So, picture this. It’s 20.58 on 16th June (yeah, at some point soon my posts won’t be quite so behind) and I’m staring at this screen on NowTV, willing the Game of Thrones season finale to start already:Sea shell sphere | Pattern . Paint . PanSidenote: I’m quite surprised that my firefox window is not filled with completely random, slightly embarrassing tabs, ditto with my last google seach.And look, I have a spreadsheet open, I do important things on this netbook, don’t you know.

Obviously sitting still for 2 whole minutes is not an option, so I decided to put some of the many, many, many shells I collected before the storms messed up the beach to use. But not the pretty yellow ones, this was to be a trial version with the less pretty grey/brown/whites. Although google now tells me that yellow periwinkles are actually quite common.

Ages ago, I’d seen shell spheres (it’s not on my pinterest though, so I don’t remember where exactly, and I do have a bit of a sphere obsession so maybe I thought of it myself, although it’s definitely been done before) so pulled out the glue gun, a polystyrene ball and some old pins that are too blunt to use for sewing now. I thought I’d use the pins to add more of an anchor than just the hot glue, but in the end it was a bit too fiddly to get the positioning right, so I only used pins on the largest of the shells. It’s pretty self explanatory to do, although I suggest making sure you leave a few of the smallest shells for the end to make filling in the last little space easier. My sphere feels pretty substantial actually and it’s been bashed around a bit by my 3 year old nephew without any damage. I do like it, but I’m not sure if my yellow shells will be joining the sphere party. We shall see.Sea shell sphere | Pattern . Paint . Pan

And what happened to GoT? Well, NowTV’s live TV streaming was shockingly out of sync (now there’s a shocker), so I had to watch it on series catch up the next day. First world problems.